Dont’а Hіghtower сommentѕ on рotentіаl Pаtrіotѕ return

The Patriots coaching staff met with the media earlier this week, and several comments made headlines in the hours after.

Although Bill O’Brien was the man of the hour upon his return to New England, Jerod Mayo had some interesting things to say, including his desire to see a former teammate join his coaching staff when that plan comes to fruition.

Because the news of Dont’a Hightower’s retirement occurred earlier this offseason, some coaches were yet to speak on the legendary Patriots’ influence on the organization and his contributions to the team’s success. Mayo spoke candidly about the linebacker, acknowledging his talents and crediting him for an often-overlooked aspect of Hightower’s game.

“I spoke with High (about retiring). High and I have always had a great relationship. I was older, he was like a young pup. But he was very smart. He was very athletic. I got a chance to play beside him. I got a chance to coach him. There aren’t many people like Hightower in terms of just his smarts. I think that gets overlooked a lot with High. High is a very smart football player. You talk about Randy Moss, no one really talks about his smarts, very smart football player. And that’s Dont’a Hightower.”

Mayo followed up his complimentary words with an even bigger indication of how truly great Hightower was, suggesting that when he is given the opportunity to become a head coach, he will try to recruit his former teammate to join his staff.

A video clip of Mayo’s comment took off on Twitter and was seen by Hightower himself. He then quoted the video, leaving just some eye emojis in response and setting Patriots Nation ablaze with the insinuation he may be interested in Mayo’s offer.

Since Mayo has been heavily rumored to be the one to succeed Bill Belichick, could we see Coach Hightower joining the Patriots staff in the future? It seems that could certainly be a possibility.

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