I’M Sсаred Of Thаt Stuff, I Stoррed Eаtіng’: After Eаtіng 10,000 Cаlorіeѕ In A Dаy, Mіke Tyѕon Felt Hіmѕelf “Dyіng”

Given his weight, it is safe to argue that Mike Tyson was on the verge of obesity. Then, after he had reached his lowest point, he began to fight against it. Even as he fat-shamed Roy Jones Jr., he claimed that Roy Jones Jr. was the inspiration. Mike Tyson, though, asserted that Jones’ actions didn’t demoralize him; rather, they served to motivate him and serve as a reality check. But once more, Tyson decided that enough was enough, and now he needs to lose weight or he’ll be on a downward spiral forever.

In a recent Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson episode with Ryan Garcia as the guest, he talked about that time. When he consumed 10,000 calories per day, he provided some insight into his weight loss process. He also disclosed how he came to know what his greatest fear was, as well as what ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ was most terrified of.

After Eating 10,000 Calories in a Day, Mike Tyson Felt Himself “Dying”

Mike Tyson talked about intaking 10,000 calories at one time

Ryan Garcia asked Mike Tyson about how he started fasting, and where did he get the motivation to start doing it. Tyson revealed the one time he was in a hotel in Atlantic City, where he over-ate and did not keep a check on his diet that day. He was eating everything from big cakes to different cookies. And then to take care of himself, so that he doesn’t eat much unhealthy, he ordered sorbet instead of ice cream.

Tyson said, “I ordered sorbet, make me feel that I’m taking care of myself psychologically when I ate like 10000 calories.” But this day became a wake-up call for Mike Tyson, as he said, “But then the next day I stopped everything, I said for hell with that. I didn’t need- I went and started training and rowing, I said hey I just gave that up, I felt myself dying.” He even turned vegan to cut down his weight. Tyson gave a lot of credit to that lifestyle, as he stated that turning vegan helped him very much to cut down his weight.

Then Mike Tyson revealed that during this time, he was struck by the biggest fear in his life, and he knew he had to work against this, and then only he’ll be able to overcome this fear.

Tyson revealed his biggest fear in life

In the same episode, Mike Tyson talks about how he knew what it was like to be a 400-pound man, it was difficult to even attempt to do the daily mundane tasks. He stated that it is painful to be that heavy and fat. Then he revealed how some of his family members died because of obesity, and it runs in his family, so he’s always concerned about his family members.

He said, “I’m looking for my family, I had family members that died of obesity and stuff like that. I’m scared of that stuff, I stopped eating. I’m scared I saw people in my family, what they went through, that’s my biggest fear, obesity. Isn’t that weird? My biggest fear is just obesity.”

It is not weird, it does make sense as it must be a really painful experience, and more so to see your close ones suffering from it. It will affect anybody on a mental level. So Mike Tyson’s fear is justified, and the fact that he’s working against all odds motivates everybody who admires him.

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