Mіke Tyѕon Deсlіneѕ Free Tісketѕ Worth $20,000 To Ryаn Gаrсіа Vѕ. Gervontа Dаvіѕ Hіghlіghted The Globаl Intereѕt In The Event

It’s uncommon to hear of someone rejecting an offer worth thousands of dollars in a society where many people rush at the chance to acquire something for nothing. However, former two-time world heavyweight champ Mike Tyson actually did that when he turned down two free tickets to the Ryan Garcia vs Gervonta Davis fight at $20,000 each.

It raises concerns about Tyson’s motives because we don’t often hear about celebrities rejecting such expensive gifts. Does he have another excuse for turning down the tickets, or was he just too busy to go to the fight? Regardless of his reasons, Tyson’s decision was a shock.

Tyson’s perspective on the Ryan Garcia vs Gervonta Davis fight

The conversation between Mike Tyson and Sebastian Joseph-Day sheds more light on Tyson’s perspective on the Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis fight. Tyson acknowledged that it was a highly anticipated event, and even though he initially declined the free tickets, he expressed a desire to purchase them himself. “You know this is the hottest ticket in town, right, do you know that?” Tyson said to Ryan Garcia. “It is, 20k for a ticket, I tried to buy one,” Joseph replied.

“We’re buying it, we’re buying it, I don’t care, we buyin it,” Tyson declared. “20 thousand damn,” Joseph remarked. “The guy called me, they said, hey mike we got a ticket for you, maybe your wife, come down. I said what you have for sale, I want to buy something,” Tyson e. “Some of the fights you want to buy tickets, because fighting is interesting too.”

Tyson went on to elaborate on why he found the event compelling. “You know why it is interesting? A fight like yours? It’s the place to be, everybody’s going to be there.”

Tyson expounded on the significance of the occasion by saying that “if they can’t be there, they’re gonna be in another country somewhere, but everybody’s going to be there and the people that can’t be there will get in a plane fly there and fly back.”

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