Mіke Tyѕon’S Son Reасtѕ To Sсаry Knoсkout Leаvіng A Fіghter Bаdly Injured

Boxing legend Mike Tyson‘s son also shared a video of this fight but didn’t give the reaction fans were hoping for as he tried to mock the fighter who suffered from the devastating knockout.

Mike Tyson’s son reacts to scary knockout leaving a fighter badly injured
In the video, the fighter who was knocked out can be seen trying to stand up. However, he is unable to do so as he dazed around the ring, probably not having understood that he was knocked out. In addition, the referee also gives him a 10-count to recover instead of stopping the fight. Tyson’s son reacted to the video by posting laughing emojis while sharing the clip.

However, the fans were not on the same page as Amir as they were genuinely concerned about the fighter who was knocked out. Some took it to the comments section to express their concern for the fighter as they reacted to this video.

Fans express concern for the fighter who was brutally knocked out
One fan pointed out that there was no need for the referee to give him a 10-count and instead wanted the fighter to be treated. “No need for a count call his mom and paramedics,” he wrote.

Another fan also called out the referee for not stopping the fight at the moment. “Why the hell he counting for,” they wrote.

A fan even praised the KO’d fighter’s will as he tried to get back up despite being badly hurt. “Guy had heart to try and with through it,” they wrote.

Moreover, one fan hilariously compared the fighter to Jake Paul if he matched up against non-professional boxers. “Jake paul soon as he stops picking bs matches from retired and non professional boxers,” they wrote.

Lastly, one fan stated that the referee was just as confused as the fighter but didn’t understand why the referee gave a 10-count. “Ref is just as confused. Tf the count on for,” they wrote.

The fans had some sympathy for the fighter who got knocked out but was still trying to get back to his feet. However, in a sport like boxing these things do happen a lot but it is the job of a referee to see if a fighter is capable of competing. In addition, fighter safety should be prioritized more than anything and minimize any lapse of judgment from the officials. This would only prove to benefit the sport which does need some changes in how it is officiated.

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